Jalview is a multiple alignment editor written in Java. It is used widely in a variety of web pages (e.g. the EBI Clustalw server and the Pfam protein domain database) but is available as a general purpose alignment editor.

Pressing one of the buttons below will load up a cut down version of Jalview, which runs within your web browser.

Ferredoxins, chloroplast precursor related UniRef50 cluster
(15 sequences x 150 residues)

User Defined Colours, loads an associated Newick format tree file


Displays a features file on the alignment


Associates PDB file 1GAQ with sequence FER1_MAIZE


Displays a Multiple Sequence Alignment Based JNet Prediction for a Sequence


M. Clamp, J. Cuff, S.M. Searle & G.J. Barton. The Jalview Java alignment editor. Bioinformatics 2004; 20: 426-7.