Bioverse Viewer is an enhanced Java graph applet interface for visualizing interactomes of Bioverse interaction database.

Select an organism and the relationship type from the list below. Relationships may be contextual (i.e., physical interactions, functional linkages, etc.) or evolutionary (sequence, structure, and function similarity implying homology).


Note that some of these networks are very large, and therefore may not display, depending on the resources available in the computer that you are using.

The documentation for the use of the viewer on the web and as a stand-alone application, along with the source code, is available via the Bioverse viewer HOWTO. You may also upload interaction lists, along with an optional list of function descriptions, in a comma-separated value (csv) format (see documentation and/or example interaction and function list files) to create a web page that will enable you to visualise your own data using the entries below:

Interaction list:     Function list:    


A.N. Chang, J. McDermott & R. Samudrala. An enhanced Java graph applet interface for visualizing interactomes. Bioinformatics 2005; 21: 1741-2.